Friday, May 6, 2016

Odd Doctor Questions Why Do I Need To Lose Five Pounds?

I've had these questions twirling around in my mind for years. I think it's about time somebody out there in the cyber world answered them. Today, I have a couple of questions about the medical industry that just drive me crazy. The first one is why does the doctor tell me to lose five pounds.

The question seems simple at first, until you delve further into it. I will go to the doctor and the nurse always weighs you fully clothed, with your shoes on and your pockets filled. I figure it is all worth about 4 to 5 pounds. I mean, have you seen my wallet lately. Twenty credit cards and a bunch of other stuff I thought (for some reason) needed to be shoved into my wallet. I have my phone, my keys, and a littering of other things filling the pockets of my shorts.

They check all of your numbers and the Doctor finally comes into the room. Most of the time, he tells me that my numbers are good, but I could stand to lose about five pounds. He says my weight is about 200 pounds. The problem, my weight is about 195 or 196 at home. At home, I weigh myself with just my shorts on. So the question is why do they weigh us with our clothes on and why do they count that extra 4 or 5 pounds against you?

And yes, I've asked the question after they weigh me. I am like, i'm 196 at home without all of these clothes on. The nurse either smiles at me or gives me a dirty look. They hardly ever change the weight to what is actually is. This doesn't make any sense to me.

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