Monday, September 21, 2015

Will The Panda Express Food Truck Tour Hit Your Neighborhood?

Last week we went to Panda Express to try their Orange Chicken. We have been to this particular Panda Express a couple of times and I have visited them on the road. We would have liked to check out their Panda Express food truck Tour, but it didn't quite reach our neighborhood.

We decided to make a family meal out of Panda Express. My wife and kids love the food and have their own favorites. Orange Chicken is my favorite because I am the particular one in the bunch. We decided to order two meals with three meats and a side. My son picked the noodles and I picked the rice for the side. 

I like Panda Express because their food is good, reasonable and they let you know how many calories you are eating. The people are friendly and they help you find everything you need. My kids and I loved the orange chicken. I remember trying it the first time when I was on a business. I was looking for something to eat for lunch and there was Panda Express. I tried the food and fell in love. The price was just right and there was plenty of good food to eat.

We loved our dinner at Panda Express and I think you will love it too. Check out the Panda Express Food Truck Tour to see if it will stop in your area.

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