Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Thunder Egg Review: The Great Thunderbird

Here we have a story about drought about an egg and a little Indian Girl who believed there was something special within a special rock.Stands-By-Herself was a little Indian girl who lived on the plains and her people were dealing with a terrible drought. This cute little children's books shows us a little girl who learns that it is more important to think about others before ourselves. The author brings in an old folktale tradition about Plains tribes. The rock is a geode, that breaks open to show a beautiful purple quartz. The tradition is the the Thunderbird brings the thunder and along with it comes much needed rain. This little story shows how the little Indian girl believed that her rock was important and it brought important rain to her people. The book is filled with beautiful illustrations and a well written story that can be read at night time when you want to read to your children as they try to get to sleep. It is a very cool way to share a traditional story about Indians with your children. What a cute/great way to teach your children history.

I received this book for free, the review is my own.

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