Sunday, February 7, 2016

MadBite Scout Soft Tackle Bag with Multipurpose Functions

  • MadBite Scout Soft Tackle Bag with Multipurpose Functions - Holds Fishing Pliers, Tools and Fishing Tackle - Good as Messenger Bag or Fishing Hiking Ba
  • The MadBite Scout tackle bag is a fishing tackle bargain that will last a lifetime. It is a great fishing gift for your favorite angler or hiker. It's a fishing gift that any angler will love!
  • MadBite Scout tackle bag has large compartments for your fishing tackle, and gear storage for your drink bottle, smart phone, flashlight, sunglasses, fishing license, fishing grips, fishing pliers, wallet, and fishing accessories.
  • MadBite Scout tackle bags are made from long lasting waterproof PVC Canvas material and are a perfect size for tackle management of fishing lures, fishing tools, fishing pliers, fishing tackle and are easier to transport than a tackle box.
  • Scout tackle bag keeps all of your fishing gear in easy reach. MadBite Scout tackle bag includes a padded shoulder strap and can also be used as a camera bag or tool carry bag. A comfortable adjustable thigh strap keeps your Scout Tackle Bag in place during casting while bank fishing, surf fishing or wade fishing. Available in Army Green, Beach Sand and Black colors with non-rusting zippers and hardware.

Now if you like fishing, you know you like to carry some of your stuff with you. This little bag is the perfect way to bring some of your fishing gear with you into the water or through the woods, without having to carry a tackle box. I was able to pack 30 lures into the bag and there's a place that will fit water or an energy drink. There are also some small pockets for hooks, sinkers and what not.  I appreciate the quality of this bag, well put together and will be going with me on my next fishing trip. I may even use it when I go on one of my hikes where I am not even thinking about fishing.

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