Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dreams From My Pen

We've been together
For fourteen years
Through thick and thin
You are still here

We've had our ups and downs
Laughing, crying
I remember the times
You felt like flying

I look back at the beginning
When we were just friends
Writing words of discover
Dreams from a pen

You smiled when we met
I melt like butter
When our eyes met
I wanted to discover

A life with the girl
I met from Cebu
Suddenly, I found myself
Falling in love with you

I gave you a ring
Along with my heart
I had nothing else to give you,
But you were the missing part

Of this puzzle
I'd been trying to put together
You didn't understand me,
But you made me better

We've spent years
Trying to figure this out
Two beautiful children
Growing up in this house

Our worlds clashed at times
We didn't always know what to do
You would hurt me
I would hurt you

What I have learned
Is I wouldn't change a thing
I knew what I was doing
When I gave you that ring

Life is hard at times
We all make mistakes
It's what we learn
That makes the future great

I look forward to all those days
When you smile at me again
This is my hope
The dreams from my pen

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