Sunday, February 7, 2016

KastKing Ranger Portable Telescopic Fishing Rods Review

KastKing® Ranger travel spinning fishing rods telescope out and completely collapse for easy travel and storage. These travel rods have CNC machined aluminum reel seat components and three point welded stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts for complete corrosion resistance. 24 ton special carbon matrix and E-Glass construction can deadlift up to 10 pounds and provide great sensitivity. KastKing® telescopic spinning fishing rods are for saltwater or freshwater fishing, will cover many species, and look great with any KastKing® fishing reels. KastKing® telescoping travel fishing rods are especially great for backpackers and campers

This telescopic fishing rod is compact, easy to put into a full size fishing pole, strong and durable. It took a little twisting to tighten the rod into place. It took a little bit of time to connect the reel, but this would be perfect for a camping trip. I believe it took me two or three minutes to get the fishing pole .ready, except for the line, which I didn't pull through because I wasn't ready to use the pole. We are lucky because we have fresh. water and salt water within an hour from our house. I actually have a lake in back of my house, but the fish seem to be hiding or gone. We also have plenty of camping place where you can fish. I really look forward to taking this telescopic fishing rod with me when we go to the pier in St. Petersburg or under one of the many bridges where you can fish. I have a Honda Fit, so this pole is the perfect one to bring with me everywhere I go.

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