Sunday, February 7, 2016

[2016 New arrival] MadBite Portable Wireless Sonar Fish Finder - Totally Waterproof and Floats Review

  • New Arrival Sale - 30% OFF Regular Price! MadBite FX1000 fish finder is the coolest new affordable fishing electronics for bass fishing, kayak fishing, bank fishing, or any kind of fishing on saltwater or freshwater. Its advanced wireless fish finder transmitter technology sends you fish finding info up to 650 feet away. It is high tech fish finder sonar in the hands of any angler. Cast the floating, waterproof wireless sensor from shore or kayak to find fish hiding structure.
  • The amazing MadBite FX1000 wireless fish finder is portable and easy to use anywhere. Best of all, it's 100% waterproof and floats! Never worry about dropping it in water or failure due to water getting in. MadBite's fish finder has a castable, floating wireless remote sensor that sends underwater images to a hand held display screen. The MadBite long range wireless fish finder technology is a bank or beach fishermen's best fishing guide and a must have item for any angler.
  • The MadBite FX1000 floating wireless fish finder works in water depth from 2 to 150 feet with a sonar range and frequency of 90 degrees / 125 Khz and shows bottom contour, structure, grass, rocks, water temperature, depth, water column segment, and fish. It works in virtually any climate with an operating range of -4°F to searing temperatures of over 158°F (-20°C - 70°C). This fish finder probes deeper and wider than other brands that sell for $100 more.
  • The MadBite fish finder rechargeable batteries last up to 12 hours, much longer than other brands. One button battery powered wireless remote sensor lasts up to 30 hours. Even better, one spare button battery is included.
  • The FX1000 fish finder high-contrast LCD display screen works even in bright sunlight conditions. A built-in smart chip stores sonar settings when the unit is turned off. There is no need to drill holes in your bass boat or kayak hull to install an electronic fish finder transducer. And the transducer will automatically shut off after taken out of water for 5 seconds.
We like a few great things about this product. It's small, the battery lasts for 12 hours and it is completely waterproof. We are planning to buy a kayak for fishing some of these lakes here in Florida and this cool contraption would be the perfect addition to our fishing gear. It looks like it is easy to use and it will give us quite an advantage in any of the fishing locations we are planning. We checked everything out on YouTube and this small little gem is going to make our next fishing trip a blast. 

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