Friday, August 7, 2015

Saving Four Ways With Papa Johns

I have my own type of extreme couponing. It is not done in your local grocery store. This time, I found a way to save Four ways with Papa Johns. Papa Johns sent me an email to buy a 25 dollar gift card and get a free two topping large pizza. I also joined their Papa Rewards where you get a point for every five dollar spent and a free large pizza for every 25 points. Also when the Rays score 6 or more runs, you put rays6 into the promo code box. You will get 50 percent off your online order.

The other day, I decided to order because the Rays scored 6 runs the day before. I used the 25 dollar gift card for the order. I ordered a large pepperoni pizza, 24 wings, and 30 chicken poppers. We added a large chocolate chip cookie and a two liter of Sierra Mist. After the 50 percent of, I paid $28 dollars for the order. I used the gift card for $25 dollars and paid the rest on my credit card.

I now have a free two topping large pizza for buying the gift card and the order brought my Papa Rewards to 26 points, enough to get another free large pizza. So now I have two large pizzas I can order free in the future. I will likely order each pizza on different days and combine another offer, maybe a Rays 6, haven't decided yet. Here is a link to the Gift Card Offer.

If you don't live in Tampa, Papa John's does have different codes for other teams that may be in your area. I know they do this for Orlando City Soccer in Orlando too. This is my extreme shopping and I hope it helps you. In the coming months, If I have the chance, I will show you how I do this with Credit Card offers.

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