Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Old Orchards frozen drink mixers Review

I had the chance to review Old Orchard Frozen Drink Mixes for free, the opinions are my own. I went to Walmart and picked up the mixers. I appreciate they don't have alcohol in them because my kids wanted to try them too. We mixed them up with ice and we had a taste. What I noticed is that the mixes had a ton of flavor. The first one we tried (with the kids) was Strawberry Daiquiri. The kids loved the mix and my wife and I appreciated it without liquor too.

The second try was Margarita. My wife and I decided to mix alcohol with this one. We had a couple of friends over and we all had a drink. The mix was delicious and everybody loved it. I felt like a regular bartender because the taste was perfect. My friends loved the mix and asked us where to get it. I told them how I was able to buy it at Walmart to review the product. 

The last mixer we tried was Pina Colada. I decided to mix this up like a smoothie. We added bananas and blueberries to the mix. There was a ton of flavor and the kids went back for seconds. I always love it when I can serve my kids something healthy. These mixes have good flavors and they are tasty. I can't wait until they come out with some more for us to try.

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