Sunday, August 2, 2015

Important Things You Need To Fish In Florida, You May Not Have Thought Of

Florida is a fantastic place to fish. You can fish in fresh and saltwater which can double your fun. Most people realize they need a fishing pole and reel, net, license and the basics to fish in our beautiful state. There are some important things many people forget about and these things can make your lives more comfortable when you fish. I'm talking about fishing from the shore.

Sunscreen-I see many people from out of town looking like lobsters after they fish in Florida. Our sun is powerful and it will tear you up. If you live in Florida for awhile, you realize that the sun will get you whether its out or a cloudy day. If you are not using SPF 60 or above, you are going to have a rough day. I recommend SPF 100 because it lasts longer and will keep you from burning. Don't forget to put sunscreen on your ears because they are the first things to burn and get skin cancer. I have friends who have had to have chunks cut off.

A Hat-A simple hat will protect your head from the sun. Who needs sunburn on the top of your head?

Bottled Water-If you don't have a bottle of water per hour on hand when your fishing in Florida, you are kidding yourself. We get very hot and you can dehydrate very quickly. A trip to the ER will cost you a lot of money and water can help prevent this outcome.

Shoes-If you are not wearing shoes and socks you are kidding yourself. We have fire ants and sharp rocks that can tear you up. Don't forget the hooks that can tear through your skin.

Bug Spray-Parts of the year, we have deer flies that will take a big bite out of your. Other parts of the year, we have mosquito's and gnats that can ruin your day.

A Knife-A knife comes in handy to cut your line if it gets tangled. Great for cleaning and scaling fish.

Soap and Work Towel-After your day, your hands will not smell great. Part is from the fish, if you are lucky enough to catch any. Part is from all the slimy weeds and seaweed you will have to remove from the line. Who really wants their steering wheel to smell like fish.

Please follow all rules when you fish in our great fishing state. There are plenty of fish for everybody. Please don't pollute or do anything to ruin the water. There are many generations after you who would love the chance to fish in Florida.

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