Wednesday, April 15, 2015

One Of Those Days

I woke up yesterday, hoping to rest for the first time in a month. Spring Training was really tough on me. Took the kids to school and came home to take a nap. Norma (the neighbor) woke me up to borrow the car. I fell back asleep and woke up to phone call after phone call.

Doug showed up to check out the Corolla. It had been making some loud noises and has 223,000 miles on it. The phone rang again, while Doug was checking out the car. Kurt was talking to me on the phone, Doug was telling me the engine was shot on my car and Doug and I were getting wet. We looked behind us, the main water pipe to the house had sprung a leak.

Norma knew a handyman around the neighborhood and he said he would fix the leak. He tried an easy fix, but the pipe blew a larger leak. I reached for a Monster drink (for energy) and the can (itself) began to leak. The neighbor had to go find parts, which took forever because the pipe in my house was outdated and the parts did not fit.

I eventually had to use points to get a hotel stay, the neighbor was able to fix the leak and Doug will tell me the bad news about my car this morning. Good thing, I bough a new car last week. I will have to retire from my pizza delivery job because the old car is finished, but that is not all bad. It's just a big change because I have delivered pizza for 18 years for extra money.

Today is a new day and I actually feel refreshed. I have another job (my main job) so I will just have to find a part time job later in the year when my Beer Vending slows down for a few months. Pizza stores have been ripping off pizza delivery people for the past few years anyway. The driver gets a lower hourly rate when on the road (much below minimum wage) and the pizza store counts on the customer to tip the driver and make up for the pay change. There are also no benefits and our pizza store treats us like warm bodies. If we quit, we will be replaced by other warm bodies. Sometimes bad days turn out to be good days, where we have to make decisions that actually improve our lives.

Thank God all days are not like yesterday....

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