Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Zombie Ate Your Brain

I have wondered for years
why you do the things you do
It took me till now
to come up with a hypothesis
A zombie ate your brains

You speed through the school zone
You walk down the middle of the street
You look at the world around you
Like everybody else is useless

I tried to talk to you about abortion
You said your rights are more important
than any baby or any living thing
for that matter
another proof that a zombie ate your brain.

You kill and kill and kill
you are proud to wear bombs
and give your life for a religion
while taking lives in the name of your God
A zombie must have eaten your brain
For you to act like this

You believe in science
 not God
Even though science has proved and disproved itself
Constantly over thousands of years
God has always remained the same

It is cool to believe in Global Warming
Creation is unbelievable
Gay Marriage is popular
True Love in inconceivable
Maybe, just maybe, a zombie ate your brain

I know you are having trouble
with my hypothesis
But what else can it be?
Why else would you be acting like this?
There is only one conclusion
A zombie ate your brain

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