Monday, December 19, 2016

Dr. Pops Therapeutic All Natural Lollipops For Kids

My kids and I had the chance to review a couple of boxes of Dr. Pops all natural lollipops made for children to help them deal when they are sick.

Dr. Pops are allergy safe for those with nut, egg, and shellfish allergies. Sucking is a primitive instinct and a way that we are able to calm ourselves. The pairing of sucking along with healthy vitamins and nutrients in the lollipops, allows for even more calming and restorative effects. The ingredients: Honey, Zinc, and Vitamin C are all well-known for their positive benefits. 

The Dr Pops range of ‘lollipops’ is a therapeutic range of lozenges on a stick which are specifically formulated for children.
Sucking is one of the most primitive instincts we have as infants and provides comfort instantly. So when a sick child is presented with a pleasant tasting ‘lollipop’, there is instant compliance and a feeling of being comforted and given a treat (even before the therapeutic benefit has set in).
With the added goodness of essential nutrients, Dr. Pops lollipops provide a great tasting all-natural treat that kids love.
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives
  • No artiļ¬cial colors
You know about the lollipops now. As far as the kids, I and the taste. Two important things. These lollipops don't have much sugar. I am pre-diabetic and I used to suck on Vitamin C drops constantly before I found out. My children did too. This product is all natural and actually has a great taste. My daughter loves the lollipops. I tried both of them and also enjoyed both. 

A note about the company. The people reached out to me and are very kind, positive and really stand behind their great product. It has been a pleasure dealing with them. 

I did receive a sample of their product for free and this is my honest opinion about what I think about this great product

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