Saturday, November 7, 2015

New Body Armor Provides an Alternative for Civilians and Police Alike

Many people today are looking to protect themselves by carrying a firearm. While those people may be justified in their fear and in their desire to be protected, there are other options that might work for them. Specifically, a number of different companies are coming up with point blank body armor that is better than ever. In the past, this sort of gear was available only to people in the military and those in the police force. This is slowly but surely changing. Today's armor provides the protection that people want and can even be an alternative to carrying a weapon. 

What makes new body armor better than its been in the past? One reason is the high level of protection that new material provides. New body armor is made in such a way that it can withstand far more force than ever in the past. For instance, it can withstand bullets flying from more powerful weapons and bullets fired at close range. This certainly beats the armor of the past, which has never been reliable for people who wanted to protect themselves from truly high-powered weapons. 

In addition, the new body armor is much lighter than stuff in the past. In the past, people wearing armor would run into problems because of just how heavy it was. They couldn't wear it for long, and if they had to travel any distance, it would become an impediment. However, the new stuff is made with material that's extremely light. Police have long been able to access this sort of gear. It's only recently become more readily available for the everyday person. 

The person who wants to protect himself has a few options in today's world. He can certainly choose to carry a weapon. He can also choose to defend himself with great body armor that can protect him in case the gun doesn't do the trick. Police and military members have known for years that body armor is a necessary force when one might be facing gun fire. It's now time for the average citizen to recognize that having body armor can be perhaps a better defense against a gun crime than having a gun of one's own.

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