Monday, August 25, 2014

My Two Weeks With eBay, I learned to go elsewhere

I used to sell on eBay all of the time. It was easy and I made some money. We recently decided we needed a new car, so I decided to sell 7000 dollars worth of silver on eBay. It was a ton of work and my last auctions end on Thursday. This will be the last time I ever sell on eBay.

It is bad enough that eBay charges you ten percent to sell something on their site. Then they charge you another three percent to accept money on Paypal, another site owned by eBay. To make matters worse, they charge you a shipping fee for every auction. They take so much of your money, it makes me feel like Uncle Sam has his hands in my pocket.

If you ever need to sell something, stay away from eBay, unless you like giving a good chunk of your money back to the internet giant. My grandmother always told me to watch out for people when they get too big for their britches. This goes for internet companies too. eBay has gotten too big for their britches and I won't pay them another dime after we are finished our business later this week.

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