Thursday, October 20, 2016

Is The 2016 Presidential Election Rigged?

I watched the debate last night. Trump gave us his plan and Hillary dodged most of the questions. After it was over, the only thing people were talking about was whether or not Trump would concede the election. I think this is a clue that this election may be rigged more than any election we have seen in modern history. Here's why.

Every poll you see has Hillary way ahead of Trump, even though she doesn't answer questions, lies, lies, lies some more, and her political history is horrible. Trump said she is a horrible woman and she is doing everything possible to prove his point.  It seems to me whenever I turn on the television, every channel tells me that Clinton will win, Trump cannot win no matter what. It makes me think Trump is right and the media is trying to suppress the vote. I will vote for Trump anyway and hope my vote counts.

Not only are the Democrats against Trump, many Republicans are either against Trump or are not supporting him. Who needs enemies if you have friends like this? Also the media is against Trump. Fox News who claims to be fair and balanced, seem to love to throw punches at Trump. This makes for a very interesting election.

Wikileaks shows that the Clinton campaign is paying people to go into Trump rallies and start fights. Makes you wonder if they also hired people to fire bomb and destroy some of Trumps places of campaign business that we see on the news. The only thing you see on the news about Trump is bad news.

Like I said, I watched the debate, Trump won by a mile and many television stations are still saying Hillary Clinton had another win. Sorry, I thought it was the season premiere of The Walking Dead. When asked a question, Hillary stared into space like a zombie. She had a glare in her eyes. Are we really going to have to do drug tests before Presidential Debates in the future?

Also, many conservative talk show hosts are not supporting Donald Trump. Glenn Beck supported Cruz and spends three hours a day making fun of Trump, which does nothing but push his fans towards Hillary Clinton.

Many people believe the Hillary people used woman to say Trump groped them to make woman voters hate Donald Trump.

Voter Fraud-I believe there is and will be plenty of voter fraud in this election. Hillary Clinton will do whatever it takes to win this election. It may not matter, but I will vote for Trump because I am sick of the way politicians act towards the people of America. Donald Trump is not a politician and this is why many politicians are against him. They don't think it is fair that a man (who is not a politician) got the nod to run for President of The United States. Is the election rigged? Well you already told us Hillary won three weeks before the election, so what do you think?

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