Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 Reasons For A Father To Stay At Home With His Children

Seven years ago, I decided to be a stay at home father for my children. My son was just born and my wife is an accountant. I wanted to go back to college to finish my degree, but I decided staying home with my son was more important. My daughter was born two years later and I became a full-time stay at home father. I have spent the past seven years delivering pizza at night and as an in stands beer vendor besides my full-time life as a stay at home father.
  • 1. Learning to be a dad-I didn't know too much about being a stay at home father. I have an older daughter and I was a decent father, but learning to be a full-time dad has been quite an experience. I learned how to be a better dad by staying home with my children. I learned about all of the sacrifices women do for their children. I learned how to change diapers, feed babies and children, love my children as their father; through the experience I learned how to be a dad.
  • 2. Enjoying the special moments-The job of a stay at home father can be tough, it is not all fun and games. Cleaning up number 2, puke and other messes can be an overwhelming experience. Screaming and crying babies can really stress you out, but it is all worth it when you enjoy the special moments only a father who stays at home can enjoy. I watched each of my children take their first steps; I heard their first words and enjoyed their first coloring on paper and on walls. I have enjoyed a special bond with my children I may never have known if not for my experience as a stay at home father.
  • 3. Taking the responsibility of fatherhood-All men should take full responsibility for their children. A father needs to be there to help children develop properly. I have enjoyed the responsibility of fatherhood, but it is not all cake and ice-cream. I have spent seven years driving my wife to work, taking care of my children (taking them to school and back) and working after a long day is through. Sometimes you don't get enough sleep and time alone with your wife, but it is a decision you make when having children and staying home with them.
  • 4. Teaching my children about God-I know children can learn about God in church through Bible classes. I believe that planting a seed throughout your children's life gives them a start on the right path of religion and belief in God. I actually write Bible classes and teach them about the Bible myself when I have time. I believe teaching my children about God is one of the most important things I can do for them.
  • 5. Protecting my children because I am there for them-I know you think I am an overprotective dad and you may be right. There are so many daycares in Florida who have mistakenly hired child molesters and other criminals. There are many dangerous people on the streets of Florida. I live in Florida and I am a realist. All people are just not good anymore and it is my responsibility to protect my children and my wife. A stay at home is there and is able to make important decisions that can make life safer for his children. I believe this is the reason I was able to save my own son from drowning because I was there for him. Being there and caring are two important steps towards protecting your children.
  • 6. Developing a relationship with my children-I have developed a close relationship with all of my children. Staying home with my children has allowed me to develop a bond that is worth more than gold to me. My children know their father and they love me for who I am. I would not give up the close relationship I have with my children for anything.
  • 7. Teaching my children right from wrong-I have taught my children right from wrong from day one and I still teach them right from wrong. My children know how to act and are always complimented for the way they act. My children's teachers are always telling me how amazing my children listen and act in their classes. My wife also teaches the children at night when I am at work, but she does not have as much time with them. It is a team effort.
  • 8. Learning from my children-I know it may sound strange, but I have learned how to be a better father from my children. I learned that children love you with an innocent type of love. I learned from my children that each one of them have their own personality. My daughter is loving and emotional. My son is loving boy, but he likes to play around more than my daughter. My children taught me that money is not what makes the world go around, love is. Your children are excited to spend time with you and they enjoy every moment.
  • 9. Learning about love from my children-Children must have must have a built in instinct where they automatically know that mom and dad are not perfect. The beautiful thing is your children love you despite your imperfections. I have learned true love from my children. They gave me a different perspective on love. I learned that nobody is perfect and they still deserve love. Children teach parents more about real love than they ever thought they knew.
  • 10. When Mom Has a Better Job than Dad-I became a stay at home father because my wife is an accountant and she makes twice as much as I make. I work two jobs, write online and my wife still makes twice as much as me. She also has incredible benefits, so in that respect becoming a stay at home father was a no-brainer.
Every stay at home father will have his reasons to stay at home with his children. These are some of the most important reasons I stayed home with my children. Being a stay at home father is a learning experience, an adventure and a privilege. If you are a father and have the chance to stay at home with your children, it will be the best decision of your life. Children are gifts from God and when you are allowed to spend all of your days with them, you are blessed.
My experience as a stay at home father

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