Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Faith of Our Fathers DVD Review & Giveaway 11/3/2015

About the movie:
John Paul and Wayne are two young men in search of their fathers.  Problem is...their fathers have been dead for 25 years.  Eddie and Steven are two young men in search of their sons...whom they've never met.  In 1969, Eddie and Steven are with their squad deep in the jungle of Vietnam on a five-day mission to retrieve fallen comrades.  They write letters to their wives, often mentioning their love for their sons, one, who is an infant and one yet to be born.  In 1994, John Paul and Wayne go on a five day road trip to the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC to see their fathers' names.  Along the way, reading those letters, they begin to get an understanding of who their fathers were and how they died.  Trials and mishaps, both funny and sad, complicate the road trip for the boys.  The horrors of war and the testing of faith manifest themselves for the young men in Vietnam.  Ultimately, in parallel stories - 25 years apart - the fathers and sons are bound together forever.  

Runtime: 96 minutes
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13 (for brief war violence)

Starring: Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Downes, David A.R. White, Rebecca St. James, Si Robertson, Candace Cameron Bure, Scott Whyte, and Sean McGowan.

Special Features of the DVD:
-The Heart of Faith of Our Fathers
-Honoring Father's Day
-Commemorating Memorial Day
-Si Robertson Interview
-Stephen Baldwin Interview
What a perfect movie for a father and his son to watch together. My son loves war games, he's 11 and he knows nearly everything about all guns. And no war games does not make him violent, he played the games with his father and learned the history about war from me. The movie had an important plot that I have been thinking about for years, the relationship between a father and son. The problem for the two men in this movie was they never met their dads. Both dads died as hero's in the war. They laid down their lives for their friends. I never had a real father because mine was an angry drunk who spent his time hurting our family and not being a father. These men missed out having a father in a different way. I relate with them because I look at God as my true example of a father. Both men had trouble dealing in their own ways because they also lost their moms. 
My son watched the movie, loved seeing the weapons and letting me know what each one was. He also thought the movie was very sad. Both men turning their lives over to God (in their own time) related to how their fathers turned their lives over to God. My son almost lost his father two years ago which we both talked about. I'm told by everybody that I am a good father, which means the world considering what I went through in my life. Eleven years of a stay at home father has been a pleasure for me. The guys in this film never had the chance to spend time with their fathers and in this aspect, I believe my son and I are very lucky because we can spend that important time together. #FAITHOFOURFATHERS and #FLYBY

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