Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ways to Tell if You Need Foundation Repair

Your home’s foundation does a lot for you. It keeps your house together and it keeps you on a solid spot of land. These are home features that we take for granted. At least we do until we discover our pictures hanging askew and our windows sticking shut. When you begin to see the tell tale signs of foundational shifting or damage, you need foundation repair in San Antonio. Neglecting your house just because the damage hasn’t yet gotten too bad to live through just means that you’re waiting until it gets too far-gone. The difference between prevention and desperate repairs can be tens of thousands of dollars. Be smart about your home and make sure you check the signs.

Interior Tells

Some people with an exceptional sense of equilibrium and balance may be able to tell if a house is slanting in one direction or another. This is definitely a sign that your foundation is shifting off balance. For those with a less than stellar ability to sense balance, there are several other indicators. If your foundation is shifting, you will know it by how some of the moving parts of your home work. Doors and windows are built to work when the floor is completely level. If the foundation shifts, the walls will shift, too, subtly changing your home from a rectangle into a slanted parallelogram. However, the actual doors and windows inside the frame does not changing shape, meaning these features will begin to rub against each other, making doors and windows sticky and hard to shut.

Exterior Tells

Checking from the outside, the damages may be easier to see. If your home has brick siding, then gaps in the mortar between the bricks should be easy to notice. Some setting is normal and will cause smaller gaps to appear. If the gaps are wider than ¼ inch, however, you may need to get it checked out quickly. Standing water near your house could also indicate a future problem. These indicate that you have poor drainage, which can cause the foundation to sink farther than it should, causing damage to your home. Specialists of foundation repair in SanAntonio are easy to find. If you recognize any of these signs, call one immediately to find out how to minimize damage.

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