Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Plumbing Problems Can Occur Anywhere

We all have plumbing problems. Imagine working in a large kitchen in a big hospital. Sometimes our drains get backed up and the smell is horrible. You think the stink is bad in your sink, try our hospital. Putting oranges or other citrus fruit down the garbage disposal does help get rid of the smell. Keeping the drains from backing up does help keep the smell away. It is great making delicious foods that smell great. All this can be ruined by that rotten odor that comes back at you from clogged drains.

Hospitals have maintenance people to keep everything working great. They keep the drains cleaned out. Sometimes even big hospitals have to call in reinforcements. The local plumber can be your friend when you need everything flowing right. Our maintenance men can do most everything, but they can't do every job in the book. When you go to the hospital and it smells great, remember there are a team of people working together to make things as perfect as possible for you. We even have local people helping us when the need arises or the odors persist.

We just had to remove the large sink out of our business kitchen because there was mold and the walls were rotting out. Today, we will replace the walls, spray for mold and replace the sink. It was a horrible mess and job, but it had to be done.

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