Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My latest trip to my second home, Home Depot

Yesterday I went to my second home(most people call it Home Depot) to purchase filters for my vacuum.I needed to clean my popcorn ceiling.When I walked into the store,I was immediately distracted by the Swiffer  wet jet floor cleaner display.I had seen commercials about how it picks up more dirt,pet hair,and dust than the competition, something I could use with the varied and amount of pets I have.After grabbing the starter kit which included the mop,2 cleaner pads and cleaning solution.Then on to the next project cleaning my ceiling.I turned around to head to the cleaning isle to see if there was a product to help make this neck straining job easier and was greeted by Mike an employee asking if I needed any help.I told him my main project(ceiling) and at that same moment I realized that I was holding a FLOOR CLEANING

 He looked kind of strangely at me and I told him seriously I am not using Swiffer Wet Jet on my ceiling, this was for the floor after I did the job, and we both had a good laugh.He was very helpful and told me exactly  what I didn't want to hear,just  use a vacuum.Either way I knew my shoulders were going to be very sore on Monday.Next weekend warrior project was we needed more light in the living room so on to lighting area.A very nice lady named Lacy showed me all the floor lamps and offered to go with me to pick out the correct bulbs.I use only energy efficient bulbs in my house.We picked out a 3 way bulb and went back to lighting and said thanks for her help and started to pick up all my weapons for the afternoon of projects and Lacy was nice enough to help me carry my stuff to the register because I didn't have a cart,remember I was only going there for vacuum filters,we got to the registers and thanked her once again paid for my items and was on to work after another pleasant and helpful visit to my second favorite home.My first favorite home is of course where I hang my hat,and have people who love me.But I love my second home Home Depot.
printed by Kurt Borkowski

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