Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Ford F-150

Trucks are large vehicles and it takes a certain kind of person to be able to drive it. And while a lot of the driving is done by the person behind the wheel, the vehicle also does have a part in going down the road, beyond horsepower and power steering. The Ford F-150 has both good qualities and bad ones, though mostly good. There are people who have trouble with handling the truck though, as mentioned before, it takes a certain type of person to drive a big truck like this one. This truck is one of the most sold trucks in the last thirty odd years and has one of the highest safety ratings out there. This truck can be a family vehicle or a tough, hauling truck.


One of the main disadvantages you may find with this vehicle is the fact that trucks are really not fuel efficient. It takes a lot of fuel to power these vehicles through regular driving and hauling and towing. However, that may be one thing you are willing to accept. Another big disadvantage is the fact that you will literally take up all of one of those little bitty neighborhood roads. When a car is coming the other way one of you may have to pull over to let the other pass. As with all trucks, it may be difficult to see what you are backing up into until you are actually in the bushes. And while there are disadvantages, many people find the advantages far outweigh them.


The advantages of the FordF-150 are numerous, but the one you are probably most concerned about is safety. The F-150 has one of the highest safety ratings out there. You are practically completely surrounded by airbags and all the seatbelts lock you in place when the brakes are hit suddenly. Not to mention, the F-150 is so strong that it would take a lot to significantly damage the vehicle enough that the passengers would be affected by the accident. The interior is spacious and has lots of leg room for long road trips and carpooling to the jobsite.

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