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Krave Jerky Review And Giveaway 5/31/2013

KRAVE Jerky is a healthy, anytime snack. For athletes, outdoor recreationalists or anyone on-the-go, KRAVE Jerky presents all the benefits of meat, at its healthiest. Jerky is naturally loaded with protein, while the drying process both removes most of the fat and results in fewer carbohydrates.
Devoid of any nitrates and artificial flavors, all-natural KRAVE jerky has an elevated conscience.
KRAVE Jerky is a high-protein, low-calorie snack productDevoid of any nitrates, hormones and artificial flavors, all-natural KRAVE Jerky has an elevated conscious, using lean cuts of domestic meat and all-natural, gourmet ingredient KRAVE Jerky has been deemed heart healthy by the American Heart Association KRAVE Jerky minimizes empty calories and excessive sodium, while also serving as an excellent source of zinc, iron and B vitamins
o    KRAVE Jerky allows you to feel full without overdoing fat, calorie and carbohydrate intake
o    Due to its recipes, meat selection and proprietary cooking process, KRAVE's products are materially lower in salt (50-70%), cholesterol (50-70%) and calories (15-70%) than its major competitors and are 97% fat free.
o    KRAVE Jerky contains primarily monounsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats have several beneficial effects when eaten in place of saturated fats or trans-fats, mainly reducing levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and lowering risk of heart disease and stroke. Such fats are also typically high in vitamin E, an antioxidant vitamin that is lacking in the typical American diet-Elite athlete Vito Bialla, the only person ever to complete a six-day back-to-back Double Ultraman (a back-to-back Iron Man triathalon) in 63 hours, depends on KRAVE Jerky for healthy high-protein, low-calorie snacking

o    The Krave Jerky Company sent me a five bag sample pack of their Jerky. I love jerky, so this was perfect for me. I have eaten three complete bags myself. I love every flavor, although the spicy jerky took me by surprise. I was sent beef, pork and turkey jerky. I had to try the Cherry jerky first because it is my favorite flavor and I had never tasted jerky flavored like this before. It was delicious. Good thing it is nutritious because I tore through the jerky like a ravaged animal.
o  VITO BIALLA is an athlete. He is a legend in all aspects of swim, bike and run endurance sports. He has completed Double Ultraman competitions (back to back Ultraman triathlons) – with distances of 6.2-mile swim, 264.1-mile bike and 52.4-mile run. He has run Badwater, Ironman and is still the only person ever to complete a six-day back-to-back Double Ultraman in 63 hours. He was an English Channel relay team winner in 2008 and a proud member of Night Train Swimmers.
It is clear that Vito represents one of the most elite athletes in the sports world, and in order to compete in these events, he has to balance all aspects of his life. Clearly his diet is paramount, and one of the most important factors in his diet is Protein. Protein is essential for the body to build muscle, and the human body gradually stops producing protein as it ages. While there is an array of choices to deliver protein to the body, Vito finds that one of the most satisfying methods is BEEF JERKY. Naturally loaded with protein, the drying process of the beef both removes most of the fat and results in fewer carbohydrates. And Vito's favorite Jerky is KRAVE JERKY. "When I reach for jerky as my healthy way to snack, I want a jerky that is moist and rich with flavor. Krave is extraordinarily moist, and has an array of flavor choices that are totally creative and unique to any other," says Vito. "I recommend it not only to 
If you are like me, you are trying to eat better and lose a few pounds. Try this delicious nutritious jerky and get yourself into better shape
The prize will be a 5-pack sampler of delicious jerky, just like the sampler I received. US Residents Only....


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