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The Book Autographed Review and Giveaway 11/7/2012

The man stands like a silhouette in the dark. Thunder lights up his shadow. The rain hits him constantly. It is heavy and very cold. He is unaware. He walks past the graveyard toward his destination. To a culvert overgrown with vines and weeds. Untouched for many years. Or so it seems. In one hand he carries a spade, in the other, a pick. Suddenly, the man begins to dig. There is a fury to his digging. A need or an inner want. He digs like a man possessed. He constantly mumbles to himself. No real words, just a hunger. A deep desire. Finally, he reaches his destination.

Editorial Reviews


A must read for all of those in search of forgetting the past and looking forward to the future! -- Donna Middlestadt-

From the Publisher

MY LIFE IS A MIRACLE It is an old story which many people have heard over and over again. I did not get a good start in this life. My childhood was bad or I wanted to kill myself when I was a teenager. We hear so many heartbreaking stories about terrible childhoods. My story is just as horrible as the next story.
When I was six, I was beat up because I peed the bed the night before. I was the child who sat on the floor rocking back and forth and banging his head against the wall. I was the teenager who dreamed about pointing a gun at my head and ending it all. I was too afraid to do it or I would not be here today. I was the person who stole things from stores to get some kind of attention, any kind of attention. I was the young adult who could not touch people or be touched by people. I was the adult who had no confidence or direction in life. I was the person who put all of my energy into just surviving my past. At nineteen, I became a Christian because I was afraid of going to hell. I went to Bible College (Cincinnati Bible College) because I believed it was the right thing to do. For my whole life, I never did anything important or meaningful. I went through the motions and tried not to remember my past.
A few years ago, God completely changed my life. I decided on my own to write a book. I had writer’s block and didn’t know what to do. Something inside of me made me keep thinking about God. One night, I decided to confront the God who I had been hiding from all of these years. I prayed a simple prayer to God. "God, I have done a terrible job with my life. I have problems and just can’t seem to deal with them. Please do your will in my life because my will has not done me any good at all." (Not exactly, but something like that) Bam! My life started to change for the good. I was able to deal with my past with the help of God. I felt as if a heavy weight had been taken from me and I was finally able to live. I met my beautiful wife and was given custody of my little girl. I was able to sit down and write books which seemed to pop into my head out of nowhere. We moved to Florida because my wife was offered a good job. We were able to build a new house. My! beautiful baby boy was born just five months ago. I am able to work at night and stay at home with my boy during the day. Almost every day, I now pray to God and ask him to do his will in my life. He has taken away all of my pain and filled my life with happiness. Thanks to God, my life is a miracle.
I am writing to churches because I believe I can be a witness to many people who have had to deal with terrible pain in their lives. I have written three books which are based on my life. They are not true stories, but there is a whole lot of truth in my books. They are adventure stories about teenagers who grow up in bad families. The teens contemplate their lives and slowly go through a process which brings them towards God. My books are stories about my life, but filled with my imagination. A gift, I believe God gave me to help people.
 The Book

Please forgive the editorial errors by the publisher. The giveaway will be for a copy of the book autographed by LeRoy Coffie.

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