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Growing Culinary Herbs In Containers‏ Review and Ebook Giveaway 4/26/12

About The Author: Anja Koch has been a plant enthusiast since her early teens. Growing and cultivating plants has always been one of her favorite pastimes. Having finished school in Germany she began an apprenticeship as a landscape gardener.

This was followed by a professional program in landscape design and involved a thesis on Robinsonian Gardens. Anja moved to Ireland in 1997 and since then has built up an award winning garden centre and nursery business. Trading and dealing with the amateur gardener on a daily basis for over 13 years has taught her the challenges and problems that people face when it comes to growing plants and indeed gardening in general. You can get great gardening advice if you go to her website called Gardening

Growing Culinary Herbs in Containers is a cool ebook. As soon as you open the ebook, you see Little Miss Greenfingers which is a great hook to the book.
little miss greenfingers

As you can see, the image is very cute. My sixteen year old daughter wants to grow herbs, so this book is perfect for our family. The book takes you from the first step of growing culinary herbs in containers and to the point where you harvest your herbs. I like the section that tells you how to get rid of bugs the green way. I will try this on our garden because we get many annoying bugs in Florida which I know little or nothing about.

She also tells us how to grow herbs indoors. I will try this too with my small children because they are in the stage where they love to grow plants. This book is perfect for kids and adults and is filled with valuable information.

For Growing Herbs From Seeds You Need:  herb seeds  seed compost  seed trays  sheet of glass to cover trays (optional)  small plastic pots or peat pots  watering can. I copied this from the book for this purpose. This book is 85 pages and is filled with tips to help you grow herbs in containers inside or outside. The information is excellent and will be used by me and my family. The author's website gives you more tips on how to grow nearly everything you want to grow.

This book is a great resource for somebody who wants to grow culinary herbs in containers. The author's website is a great resource that shows you how to grow many other things like vegetables, roses, orchids etc. The author lets us know that you don't have to be a professional gardener or a large space to grow culinary herbs. If you use this book together with the author's website, you learn a ton about growing all types of plants you always wanted to grow, but did not have the courage or information to grow them correctly.

The giveaway is cool. Seven more people will be getting a ebook of Growing Culinary Herbs in Containers. You will love this book because it is filled with information, easy to understand and just plain fun. It's time to start growing that little herb garden you wanted to grow.

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