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The GoodOnya Bars Review and Giveaway 4/14/2012

The GoodOnya Bar Company sent me three of their Good Onya Bars to try. My son and I went on a hide with the cub scouts and we needed something to eat. I had thrown the Good Onya Bars in our back pack for the trip. We ripped one open and the taste was delicious. You could tell the bar was all natural and was good for you, it tasted great and filled us up fast. The bar also gave us the energy to finish our hike. My five year old son told me wow this is good dad. This is great to hear about a product that is made with our health in mind by a former Olympic athlete.

All the GoodOnya bars (there is a total of four flavors to choose from) are 100% organic, no soy, no dairy, gluten and grain free as well as good sources of fiber and protein. What more could you want in a snack? These bars taste great and are good for your kids too. I enjoyed the breakfast bar the most, but the peanut butter chocolate and peanut butter honey were yummy too. yes, these are energy bars, but they actually taste good just like the ingredients they are made out of. You can buy all of their products here.

Information from the Founder of The Good Onya Bar- I am a certified nutritionist, a café owner, an Olympic athlete and study holistic nutrition continually.

 Does that mean I know it all? Ha, not even close. Nutrition is a very new science. In the words of Michael Pollan," our understanding of nutritional science today is equivalent to where the medical field was in the 1600's". Boy that's kind of scary!!!


What I believe is that our bodies are a part of nature. When we eat food our bodies literally convert that food into our cells, and our cells make up who we are! When we put in things that are made in labs by the food giants our bodies simply don't recognize it. Our body knows better so it takes those chemicals and gets them out of the blood stream to protect us… and it stores them in our fat cells. This is why when people do a detox they often feel really bad before they feel better. That junk is being stirred up and hopefully released.

 Our bodies are designed to eat unprocessed, organic food. Real Food. When we created our bar we went to the co-op and picked out a bunch of nuts and seeds. We had maple syrup at home so we chopped up the nuts in a food processor, mixed it all together, added a little celtic sea salt and vanilla. We put some dark chocolate in b/c we aren't totally insane:) and there you have it…. A bar.

 That's what we tell people to do when we meet them at events. Make your own.. It's easy. If you look at the back of some other bars you would need a lab to be able to make them. You don't even need an oven for ours:)

 On the back of all packaged food we are trained to look at the white nutritional panel. The #'s. How much fat? How many calories? For 50 years we have been looking at fat and calories. And look at our country! We are fat! It's NOT about the fat and the calories and that part isn't really up for debate anymore. People can argue, and they do, about this diet vs that diet….. But the low fat diet has already been debunked in modern nutritional science. it's dangerous on a cellular level, and it's dangerous to our brains, joints, hormones and overall health. It's NOT the fat, IT'S THE SUGAR! And it's basic bio chemistry.


STRESS KILLS: What happened for years is that we were told to eat this high carb/low fat diet and exercise to get skinny. I did it, so much in fact that I went to the Olympics and competed on the US Team for 12 years. Complex carbs, sports drinks, no fat (even avocados were dangerous we were told). All so we had energy to compete. And sure our bodies burn glucose and we need that energy but when we over consume sugar then cortisol and adrenaline are released to get the insulin out of our blood steam. Usually they take too much insulin and then our brain screams out "hey, I am about to die over here so please eat" so we eat again, and usually we were "starving" so we overeat, then too much insulin is released again and the whole terrible cycle starts all over. That is stressful!

The Giveaway will be for a pack of three GoodOnya Bars- Please make sure you like the GoodOnya Facebook page and follow their Twitter Page

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