Sunday, March 11, 2012

Neilson-Massey Organic Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract Review and Giveaway 3/23/2012

The Nielsen-Massey Company sent me a two ounce jar of their Organic Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract. This vanilla extract is not the imitation extract you find in your local grocery store, this is pure vanilla extract. I opened the bottle and the smell of the extract is wonderful, makes you want to make cookies. The extract gives a rich taste to cookies and is addicting.

Nielsen-Massey Organic Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanillla Extract is made from the highest quality certified organic vanilla beans and pure, certified organic alcohol. As in the production of Nielsen-Massey's traditionalMadagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla, the organic product uses their unique cold extraction process. This time-organic vanillaconsuming procedure slowly and gently extracts the maximum flavor from the vanilla beans without heat damaging the delicate flavors. The process can take up to five weeks to complete. The result is an organic vanilla extract with the creamy, sweet, smooth, mellow vanilla flavor that customers worldwide have come to associate with Nielsen-Massey's premium products.
Organic vanilla is ideal in any application that you would use vanilla extract, whether it is bread, cookies, or crème's the same high quality vanilla taste!

You can buy Nielson-Massey pure vanilla extract on Amazon and various other places. Amazon is the most convenient place to buy the extract and here are some five star reviews of the product.

"this is hands down the best vanilla I have ever tasted! the flavor is intense too, so you don't really have to use as much - it is well worth the price and will make all your baking that much better! The grocery store vanillas, even the pure one's, leave a weird aftertaste and have an odd flavor whereas this has a true rich wonderful vanilla aroma and taste because of the cold processing"

"It would be difficult to find a better pure extract than this Nielsen-Massey offering. Like several other reviewers here, I use a lot of this product in baking. Over the years I have used quite a number of different brands, some out of necessity, and some out of curiosity. I have yet to find a better one than this! I do not want to sound like a snob, but the few dollars extra you pay for the real thing is worth it. I cringe when I see the imitation vanilla on the shelves of grocery stores, as I know how much difference the flavor of the final product will be when using it.

Quite often, even with the better grocery store brands, you get a strange and rather unpleasant after taste. Not so with this stuff! It should also be noted that the flavor here is extremely intense, so slightly smaller amounts are called for in some recipes.

It always seems a shame to me to got to all the trouble of making a cake, or any dish for that matter, and not strive for perfection, giving it up for a relatively few saved cents.

In addition to cooking needs, I have found that if you moisten the tip of your finger just slightly with this product, and rub just a small amount in a small area on the bulb of your bedside lamp, you get the most marvelous and sensual aroma...not overwhelming, but just slightly lingering. Wow!

I really cannot see how you can go wrong here. The price is equivalent to what I have been paying locally and an 8 oz bottle will last quite some time with reasonable use."

So you know this vanilla extract is excellent, so here is your chance to win a bottle and try it out yourself.

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