Monday, March 19, 2012

Cobra Corn Review and Six Bag Giveaway 3/28/2012

I was sent a bag of Cobra Corn-Mumbai Masala-popcorn seasoned with a unique blend of east Indian spices. The popcorn came from Dishoon Foods and ended up by my doorway in a few days. I opened up the package and a bag of popcorn with a cobra looked up at me. Immediately I knew I was going to love this popcorn. I ripped open the bag and took a bite.

Cobra Corn is delicious popcorn with a very spicy taste. If you love Indian Cuisine, you will love this popcorn. I have known Indian people in the past and they really know how to cook. The spices are delicious and you have a ton of flavor in every bite. The bags of Cobra Corn are 2.2 ounces each, but have plenty of popcorn and flavor to go around. I was taken on a flavor journey and I am glad I got to try this treat.

Cobra Corn 

The giveaway will be for six bags of this delicious and spicy popcorn called Cobra Corn. Get ready to go on a taste adventure...

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